A Waterford Seascape | The Land that Time Forgot – Waterford, Ireland
A Waterford Seascape | In the early morning light a gentle sea mist roles in obscuring Burke's Island from view, on Kilfarressy Cove on the Copper Coast of Waterford in Ireland
A Waterford Seascape | Sunset over Sheep Island – Waterford Ireland
A Waterford Seascape | The sun falls behind Sheep Island on the Copper Coast in Waterford and casts its warm glow across Caher Cove.
An Antrim Landscape | Faded Glory – Antrim, Northern Ireland
An Antrim Landscape | Storm clouds sweep overhead, above the ancient ruins of Dunluce Castle located close to the Giants Causeway on the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland in this Black and White image.
A Scottish Landscape | Come Sit with Me Awhile – Scotland, United Kingdom
A Scottish Landscape | Clouds move swiftly above the mountains around Loch Lomond, as the lake by Millarochy Bay lies still.