A Scottish Landscape | Come Sit with Me Awhile – Scotland, United Kingdom
A Scottish Landscape | Clouds move swiftly above the mountains around Loch Lomond, as the lake by Millarochy Bay lies still.
A Wicklow Seascape | Vortex Bearing – Wicklow, Ireland
A Wicklow Seascape | A Cargo Ship departs Wicklow Port out in to the Irish Sea, as clouds gather ominously above, and foreground rocks are endlessly washed by the ebb and flow of the sea.
A Kerry Landscape | Resilience – Kerry, Ireland
A Kerry Landscape | A tree stands alone in a sea of scrubby grass upon the banks of the Killarney's Upper Lake in Kerry, Ireland in this Black and White image.
A Derry Seascape | Patterns Beneath the Temple – Derry, Northern Ireland
A Derry Seascape | Mussenden Temple stands brooding looking out from the edge of the cliff as the viewer stands on Downhill beach looking up towards it in this muted blue photograph.