A Dorset Seascape | Heady Heights – Dorset, United Kingdom
A Dorset Seascape | From a high vantage point overlooking Lulworth Cove, the Dorset coastline and the English Channel spread out beneath a cloud covered sky.
A Dublin Seascape | Waiting – Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | Dalkey Island Lighthouse stands isolated in the sea waiting to provide its guiding light to passing ships.
A Dublin Seascape | Enduring – Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | The freshly painted handrail at Seapoint near Dún Laoghaire reaches out into a calm sea as storm clouds roll in overhead in the square photograph.
A Wicklow Seascape | Upon Waters Edge – Wicklow, Ireland
A Wicklow Seascape | A B&W panoramic photograph showing the dying light of the day with the clouds rush above the remains of an old jetty reaching out into the sea.