A Waterford Seascape | Homeward Bound – Waterford, Ireland
A Waterford Seascape | The Seastacks known as Burke's Rock squat in the bay of Caher Cove, appearing like Beasts of Burden heading home from another day of hard labour, in this Black & White image captured in Waterford, Ireland.
An Antrim Seascape | Morning's Light over Ballycastle – Antrim, Ireland
An Antrim Seascape | A storm gathers above the old Fishermans Pier in Ballycastle along the stunning Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland in this B&W panoramic image.
A Kerry Landscape | A Tranquil Sunset – Kerry, Ireland
A Kerry Landscape | The sun begins to set on the Upper Lake, casting its soft glow upon the snow covered tops of Kerry's rugged mountain peaks, while a lone tree stands bent but strong against the elements.
A Kerry Landscape | Dawn's light above Lough Caragh – Kerry, Ireland
A Kerry Landscape | The sun rises to paint the sky in vivid colours above Lough Caragh in Kerry, while the frost is still hard upon the ground.