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A Waterford Seascape | The Space Between – Waterford, Ireland
A Waterford Seascape | The ancient, and weather beaten rocks of Kilfarressy Cove rise from the sea like teeth in this dramatic Black and White Photograph.
A Waterford Seascape | Homeward Bound – Waterford, Ireland
A Waterford Seascape | The Seastacks known as Burke's Rock squat in the bay of Caher Cove, appearing like Beasts of Burden heading home from another day of hard labour, in this Black & White image captured in Waterford, Ireland.
A Dublin Seascape | As storm clouds move in over Poolbeg Generating Station the sea around Dún Laoghaire remains dead calm.
A Dorset Seascape | Come Fly with Me - Dorset, United Kingdom
A Dorset Seascape | As the sun begins to set on Portland Bill Lighthouse in Weymouth it's last light falls across the sea and the worn rocks of the rugged coastline.