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A Dublin Seascape | The Stillness after the Storm - Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | A tranquil image taken just after a thunderstorm where the clouds are perfectly mirrored in the calmness of Dublin bay, with the chimney stacks of Poolbeg Generating Station in the background.
A Wicklow Landscape | Forgotten - Wicklow, Ireland
A Wicklow Landscape | The ruined remains of a tree trunk floats upon Blessington lake as a threatening skies swoops in overhead.
A Dublin Seascape | View from Seapoint of Poolbeg - Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | A image showing the view of the famous Dublin landmark of Poolbeg Generating Station's Chimney Stacks as seen from Seapoint near Blackrock.
Taken at 8am just as the sun was rising on a very frosty morning on Skeagh in Bailieborough, Co Cavan. It was such a peaceful start to the day and everything was covered in the lightest of frosts when I arrived to the lake.