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A Donegal Seascape | Dawn arrives at Portsalon - Donegal, Ireland
A Donegal Seascape | Just after dawn heavy clouds move in above the cliffs of Donegal near Portsalon as the viewer looks out to see to watch the tide come in.
Water Abstract #2
Water Abstract | And abstract photograph showing the water swirling in abstract patterns while the riverbed beneath glows in vibrant greens and golds.
A Dublin Seascape | The Stillness after the Storm - Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | A tranquil image taken just after a thunderstorm where the clouds are perfectly mirrored in the calmness of Dublin bay, with the chimney stacks of Poolbeg Generating Station in the background.
A Dublin Seascape | The very last image shot in 2012, taken in Whiterock Bay in Dalkey, Dublin. A brief break in the cloud allows the dawn sun to send its golden light down across Whiterock Bay while the sea continues to trash the rocks and beach.