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An abstract image of a Cotoneaster arbusculus through the use of camera motion during exposure. Another image from my developing 'impression' series.
A Floral Image | Wow didn't we have a lovely March here in Ireland! Spring seems to be about Cherry Blossoms now more then Tulips, at least where I live.
Spring is here! While I love what every season brings, Spring offers something truly special. This image above captures the very essence of that new life for me. The bud of a new flower literally bursting from the ground. The dead brown leaves surrounding the vibrant pink flower stem acting
A Floral Image | I came across this Orchid in their Glasshouse dedicated to these types of flowers. I thought this unusual as it had not flowered yet. Added to that the sprinkelers had just been on and I could't resist trying something a little different from the average Orchid