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A Floral Image | I came across this Orchid in their Glasshouse dedicated to these types of flowers. I thought this unusual as it had not flowered yet. Added to that the sprinkelers had just been on and I could't resist trying something a little different from the average Orchid
A close-up image capturing the shape and texture of a flowering Strelitzia Reginae with dewdrops on its base. The Strelitzia Reginae, also known as the Bird of Paradise Flower, indigenous to South Africa has been on my photographic list from the first time I saw it almost two years ago
It seems like the world is facing extreme weather conditions right now, whether it’s snow and ice or flooding. I thought I’d share an image that portrays the cold but maybe not quite as harsh as we all seem to be facing right now. Let’s call it a romanticised view
This Calla Lilly was captured in May 2008 and is one of the most pivotal images in my portfolio. I remember the day I was in the Botanical Gardens for the first time and happening across a bed of Calla Lilies.