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My Top 10 Favourite Images of 2012
I seem to say this every year, but where did that year go? Well it's that time again, and as I promised in last weeks post to share with you my Top 10 Personal Favourite Images from this year. This is my fifth year (gasp!) doing this.
My Top 10 Favourite Images of 2011
Well here we stand at the very edge of 2011; 2012 just within sight. It's that time of year again; and as promised last week and again on Tuesday I am sharing my personal Top 10 favourite images from this year.
Yup, not quite Moonrise over Hernandez but still something that has been on my to-do list for a long time. I wanted to capture a nice sharp image of the moon. Now that I know what I can achieve I think I'll try something a little more creative next time.
The violet flower of this Tillandsia 'Anita' is in full bloom. This one has been on the back burner since April. I was fascinated by this plant when I came across it in Johnstown Garden Centre in Nass, Kildare.