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A Dublin Seascape | Waiting – Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | Dalkey Island Lighthouse stands isolated in the sea waiting to provide its guiding light to passing ships.
A Dublin Seascape | Enduring – Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | The freshly painted handrail at Seapoint near Dún Laoghaire reaches out into a calm sea as storm clouds roll in overhead in the square photograph.
A Dublin Seascape | Stepping Into the Unknown - Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | A long exposure minimal photograph depicting two stones slowly being engulfed by the incoming tide knowing that they must patiently wait for the next opportunity to see each other once again.
A Dublin Seascape | Safe Harbour - Dublin, Ireland
A Dublin Seascape | This Black and White photograph shows some small fishing boats safely moored in Coliemore Harbour in Dublin as the seas around Dalkey Island are swept up by a stiffening breeze and storm clouds move in overhead.