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A Donegal Seascape | Dawn arrives at Portsalon - Donegal, Ireland
A Donegal Seascape | Just after dawn heavy clouds move in above the cliffs of Donegal near Portsalon as the viewer looks out to see to watch the tide come in.
Reaching for the Sky | Dublin, Ireland
This image was taken not long after entering the Massy Woods in the Dublin Mountains, just after sun rise. Winter's naked branches of an ancient oak reach for the sky, surrounded by the green canopy of nearby pine trees
Cavan Landscape | The autumnal colours of the forest are in full display as they reflect in the perfectly still Skeaghvil Lake in Cavan
I had the opportunity over the weekend to spend the whole day with the camera on personal work and wow did I enjoy it. It's been a waaaaay too long since I've had the chance to wander around with nothing to do but take pictures. I've been promising myself for