Brand New Fine Art Gicleé Print Options

A sample of a section of a framed print showing the wooden frame, matte board, signature and part of the print.

A sample of a section of a framed print showing the wooden frame, matte board, signature and part of the print.

* Nov 11th, 2013 Please note that while I still offer this option, it is by special arrangement only, or through my limited edition prints offers*

I’m really excited to be finally announcing this today. I have spent the last 3 months planning a significant change in the way I present and offer prints of my images to my customers. While I have been dropping subtle, and not so subtle hints for the last couple of months I can now finally reveal all. This change has been driven from two distinct sources. The first is in relation to my ongoing journey in refining my vision as a photographer; using the experience I’ve gained over the last several years of selling Fine Art Photographic Prints I have acquired a much better understanding of how best to present each piece. Secondly, and not to put too fine a point on it; my customers are asking me for these changes. So today I’d like to outline some of the most significant changes I have introduced and I will follow-up with more detailed information in the days and weeks to come.

1. I will only offer Signed Fine Art Gicleé Prints

OK, first up is an apology! Last July I launched a new print option which offered my customers an option to purchase prints produced by a print lab in Texas. After several months of research and testing I was both delighted and excited to be able to offer this option as it lowered the cost of entry to owning one of my photographic images. Boy did I get that wrong! Of all my customers since last July just 3 people took up this offer. When I spoke with my customers about this option the resounding response was “why would I?” Or more pointedly “why would I want anything but a hand finished and signed piece directly from the artist?” Light bulb moment! They were so right, what was I thinking? Of course I should be only offering prints that have been personally inspected and signed by me before they are shipped to my customers. After all that’s what Fine Art Photographic Prints should be. So as of today I will only be selling Signed Fine Art Gicleé Prints.

An image of me signing one of my original Prints from John Dunne Photography

2. All Prints will now come Matted

Over the last few years I have offered various sizes and types of prints. Always taking the time to produce high quality archival prints. However generally all I produced was just that, the print. Any of you who have been customers in the past will know that along with the print I also included handling instructions and documentation on how to properly Matte and Frame the artwork. And many, many times customers would ask me if they could order the print pre-matted or pre-framed directly from me. So as of today every single Fine Art Print that leaves my studio will be matted. I am using high quality archival white core mount board, including an under-mount and using only the best materials to mount the print. The great thing is that I have sized almost all prints, excluding panoramic’s, so that they will go straight into standard frame sizes.

An image of me signing the Matte from one of my original Prints from John Dunne Photography

3. Framed Artwork now available directly from the site

As I mentioned above, my customers often request their piece to be framed by me before shipping. While I am always delighted to do this it proved an extra step for my customers to have to email or call me to ask. So as of today each print is offered in a framed edition directly from the shopping cart. Like the Matting above I have taken time to select the right frame to present my artwork in. The frames are a high quality real wood frame with a dark brown finish, 2mm glazing and backing board to ensure my artwork is presented at its best.

An image of a finished Framed print Print from John Dunne Photography

4. New Print Sizes

As I reformulated the print options I offer, and introduced Matting for all my prints I wanted to ensure that it remained easy for my customers to select the right size to meet their home decor needs. To that end I created new print sizes that ensure that the vast majority of prints purchased from this site will go directly into standard frames. In addition I wanted to use a standard naming convention rather the the previous approach which had some of my customers scratching their heads over actual print sizes vs aspect ratio’s. This has only been made possible because I will matte every print and the sizes shown represent the matte size. As of today you will see 5 print options (both matted & framed) on this site – Companion (12″x10″), Artist (16″x12″), Studio (20″x16″), Gallery (30″x20″) & Master (40″ x 30″).

An image of the back of one of my framed prints showing the Seal of Authenticity that is attached to every one of my prints from John Dunne Photography.

5. Price Increases & Decoupling of Postage

This may come as little surprise given what I have just outlined above but there is a price increase across the entire range of my Fine Art Prints. However this increase, in line with what I do every year, also ensures customers who have purchased artwork from me in the past continue to see the value of their investment increase. While I wish for everyone to enjoy my prints for what they are it would be remiss of me to ignore that at least part of the reason behind the acquisition of artwork is as an investment, and therefore it should see an increase in its value over time.

The second change is to expose the full cost of postage. Up until today I absorbed much of the cost of postage, only charging an nominal amount. However with the shift to matted and framed prints I can no longer simply roll up a print and send it in a postal tube; which has increased the cost of packaging and shipping. However in addition to this I also inadvertently created some confusion with some customers. When I sell my work at art fairs, etc I would remove the cost of P&P as I did not incur that cost. However this meant I had two different prices for my work, online & art fairs. While I could easily explain the reasons it nevertheless created needless confusion. So as of today this site lists 100% of the cost of P&P seperate to the price of the artwork.

An image of the "Congratulations! You Bought Art" Sticker placed on every John Dunne Photography Shipment

So there you have it, a very brief overview of some pretty significant changes I am implementing as of today. I am truly excited about the direction I am taking and am confident that this is absolutely the right thing to do for my customers. My artwork now arrives to your door ready to hang on your walls if you order a framed print; or, as all prints come pre-matted slot straight into a standard frame. Either option ensures you will be viewing my work in a format that I, the artist, have always intended for it to be viewed.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be discussing each of these sections in more detail in a number of upcoming posts. I’ll step you through the care an quality materials I use to matte my prints, frame them and even down to the care I take in packaging them so they arrive to you in pristine condition.In the meantime you can pop over to my Photographic Print Sales page for further details.

Any comments, questions, contributions? Leave a comment below or pop me an email, would love to talk to you.

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